Sex Trafficking : Prostitution, Crime And Exploitation

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SEX TRAFFICKING OF WOMEN Sex trafficking is a global problem that involves the exploitation and abuse of girls as well as women. This paper will discuss the problem, with an emphasis on the views expressed by Paola Monzini in her book Sex Traffic: Prostitution, Crime and Exploitation. The paper will look at the causes, consequences and prevalence rates of sex trafficking and will consider the impact of such factors as globalization and women’s poverty in perpetuating the problem or making it worse. The paper will conclude with a discussion of the ways in which a human rights perspective might translate into positive action to eliminate the trafficking of girls and women. Paola Monzini notes that prostitution and sex trafficking are two different things. Prostitution involves the selling of sexual services. Trafficking, by contrast, is defined as: any activity relating to the recruitment and/or transporting of a person within or beyond the national frontiers, whose end goal is to extract labour or services with the use of threat of violence, abuse of authority or a position of domination, trickery, the manipulation of debt, or other violent means (Monzini, 2005, pp. 49-50). As Monzini points out, prostitution is one of the services that can be trafficked. Prostitutes have more freedom and autonomy than women who are victims of sex trafficking (Monzini, 2005, p. 2). In fact, sex trafficking can be seen as a form of slavery. It is difficult to get accurate
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