Sex Trafficking : The Second Largest Illegal Industry

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Sex-trafficking is the second largest illegal industry in the world. When a community produces generations of pimps, who can supply prostitutes with impunity from the law, this can be a recipe for disaster. For the city of Tenansingo (in the state of Tlaxcala Mexico), pimping and acquiring prostitutes has become a way of life for this small community. Pimps have mastered the art of tricking women into prostitution, which feeds the transnational sex-trafficking industry and impacts the international community. In Tenansingo, sex-traffickers have the funding to influence the local government officials and they sponsor local religious events that win the hearts and minds of people (Lakhani 2015). It all goes for an effort to continue commercial sexual exploitation of women and children. The relatively small community is the central supplier of prostitutes that gets trafficked into the United States. Urban cities, such as Queens in New York, fracking mines in Texas, and agricultural farms in Vermont, provide services to U.S. citizens and illegal immigrants who work on the farms and live in the shadows (Forest 2016). The Global Slavery 2016 Index shows “The city of Tenancingo, Tlaxcala is dubiously dubbed the sex trafficking capital of the world, with often poor, uneducated and indigenous girls duped into 'love relationships ' with local men, who essentially trap them into forced prostitution. Others are trafficked across the border into the USA. Some serve clients in New York…
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