Sex Trafficking: What The Law Should Be

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The act of sex trafficking has been around for many years and has always been a problem. This industry has harmed millions of people lives each year and yet there is still little action being done to stop it. Trafficking is defined as the act of forcing a person to do something, and in this case it is forcing people to sell their bodies for sex (Morrison 9). The industry of sex trafficking was originally started in 1994 and makes a preposterous amount of money, which ranges from five to seven billion dollars per year to the owners of the slaves (7). This industry is seen in many countries, including Spain, Russia, India, Germany, Brazil, United States, Mexico, and most of eastern Europe. These are just some of the big countries that…show more content…
When these women are caught they try to plead their way out, but their owners bail them out of jail before they can do any harm to the industry (29). As a result these women are still seen as an accomplice to the prostitution industry because they did not get their story across to the police force. In reality these women are victims because they are being held against their own will and are being force to partake in actions that harm their own health. They are victims of abuse, but because sex trafficking is similar to prostitution these women are rarely saved from this monstrous industry (Goodey 34). These women are victims and are being treated as criminals because of loopholes present in the European economy. The men who own these women treat them with no human dignity and consider them to be slaves. When searching for perspective prospects, these men look for women or girls that are in a vulnerable state and are looking for a new beginning to life (Pickup 45). Once they have them caught they offer them a new life in a better country, such as France or Spain, and offer to buy them a visa and transport them over to their new home (Feingold 27). These men treat the women fairly at the beginning, but once these men get the prospects to the location of their industry they soon begin to take away their human dignity a little at a time. To have control over these women, the men drug them and beat them to show them who is
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