Sex Trafficking in Islam Essay

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Oppression and Exploitation: Sex Trafficking in Islam

It may seem as though Islamic cultures oppress their women because of the high regard for the hymen as a sense of honor, yet sex trafficking flourishes not only in the richer Gulf States but also in Islamic countries worldwide. Because “Islamic fundamentalism is a political movement with an ideology that considers women inherently inferior in intellectual and moral capacity,” sex trafficking is not seen as against the tenants of the religion but rather as acceptable because of the low status of women (Hughes). This paper will uncover some of the veiled secrets of the Islamic world and its darker side of sex work and trafficking. The common belief, especially in the Western world,
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Islam, like other monotheistic religions, is a faith of the book, known as the Koran. It is considered to be the literal translation of the word of God, and it is the successor to both the new and old testament of the Bible. In Islam there are no additional sacred scriptures to the Koran, for in the believer’s opinion, it is the final word of God. In addition to following the lessons taught in the Koran, Muslims also practice what is known as the five pillars of Islam. These are declaring the Shahada, or their faith in the religion, engaging in ritual prayer five times a day, paying a Zakat or alms tax yearly, fasting during the religious feast of Ramadan, and at least once in a lifetime making the holy pilgrimage or Hajj to Mecca, the home of the prophet Mohammed (Lippman 6-25). Islam is also split in to two distinct sects, the Sunni’s, who make up the majority of Muslims, and the Shiite’s, who are more literal and fundamentalists in their beliefs, and also believe in the prophet Ali, the son in law of Mohammed.

While the basic beliefs of the Islamic faith may not seem like they would directly oppress women, Islamic law does in fact support the subjugation of women. Known, as Sharia, Muslim law is exactly what it seems, legal codes and regulations based on the Islamic faith. This is because lessons from the Koran and Mohammed’s life
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