Sex Trafficking of Children

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Accounts in the United States regarding human trafficking for the purpose of sexually exploiting women and children have shown the matter is also a national problem and that it is on the rise. A projected 60,000 women and children are trafficked each year in the United States (Wheaton & Schauer, 2006). These victims generally come from the regions of Latin America, Southeast Asia, and countries of the former Soviet Union in eastern and central Europe (Shelley, 2011).
It is important to make a distinction. Human trafficking and human smuggling are two separate crimes and the offenses are handled differently in the United States (Feingold, 2005). Human smuggling is a crime that infringes on the country’s border laws. On the other hand, human trafficking is a crime against the individual. This means human smuggling is a violation against the country, while trafficking is a human rights violation. Another differentiating factor is that smuggling requires illegal border crossing. Human trafficking involves forced labor, fraud, sex acts and coercion whether transportation across a border is involved or not (Congress, 2000).
Human trafficking is simply trading humans regardless of gender or age. There are several reasons why the act of human trafficking has become rampant, but the main reasons include: for the purpose of commercial sex…
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