Sex Unknown

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Film Critical Analysis of “Sex: Unknown”

The consequences of gender change can be disastrous for a human being. That’s what happened to Bruce Reimer. He was born a completely normal boy. But after a circumcision, he had his genitalia completely destroyed. His mother was desperate and didn’t know what to do until she met “John Money, who was a psychologist and sexologist well-known for his specialized research in sexual identity. Money was a professor of pediatrics and medical psychology at Johns Hopkins University, from 1951 until his death.” (Duffy, J. 1999) He was a psychologist not a surgeon. He convinced Bruce’s parents to change him into a girl through surgery. John Money, a sex researcher wanted to do an experiment and
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The SDN had indeed been transformed by testosterone. Each female rat now had the SDN of a male.” ( “Swaab announced an even more remarkable discovery in 1990. He had found, he wrote in an article in the journal Brain Research, that a cluster of cells in the human brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus was dimorphic—but dimorphic according to sexual orientation rather than sex. Swaab said that the suprachiasmatic nucleus was nearly twice as large in homosexual men as it was in heterosexual men. If true, this was something wholly new: an anatomical difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals.”(

“Ultimately I think maybe I measured over 100 brain samples. The difference between the male and female brain became incredibly apparent. Transsexuals don't describe themselves as having a

female brain. They describe themselves as being female. But of course this strong feeling to be a female should come from somewhere, and we are certain it's not coming from the heart. It's coming from the brain.” (Dick Swaab)

All these researchers gave their contribution to science with their findings about sex gender and how nature and nurture plays a role in human life. Reimer case is the example that nature plays a role in defining gender in human beings, he could not live a life as his parents and

researchers wanted him to. Even after going through surgery and
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