Sex, Young Adults, and The Media Essay

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The media plays a very big role in the lives of young adults today. Whether it is watching Access Hollywood, checking Perez Hilton’s blog religiously or watching fictitious TV shows and movies every night. All of the media in today’s society must add up to some influence on the teens of America. The media today mostly has lust and sex selling us products on television commercials or provocative ads in magazines, or the media just entertains us for hours on end. The media rarely has a positive influence, as it does not put sexual health messages in it’s television shows, movies, music lyrics, and magazines.
The article Boys Will Be Boys and Girls Better Be Prepared: An Analysis of the Rare Sexual Health Messages in Young Adolescents’
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The mode of music had five different artists and a certain album that they chose to listen to. The authors chose to listen to OutKast’s Stankonia, Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP, DMX’s Great Depression, Nelly’s Nellyville, and Madonna’s Music. The five television shows that were chosen are from different genres of television shows. The five shows are Parenthood, Friends, South Park, Ricki Lake, and Whose Line Is It Anyway? Each of the five shows could appeal to a different group of teens. All the movies that they chose were either comedies or primarily teen or adult movies. The movies that were chosen all had a rating of PG-13 or R. The five movies are, American Pie, American Pie II, There’s Something About Mary, Save the Last Dance, and Big Mama’s House. The study looked at all the different movies, television shows, music albums, and magazines and looked for the percentages of sexual content, and sexual health content, as well as the popularity among the teens surveyed of each example in each of the vehicles. The analysis of the different types of media was done by surveying students from 14 public middle schools in the southeastern portion of the United States (Hust, Brown, Ladin L’Engle 7). The students had to fill out a survey that included questions about the four different media vehicles, television shows, movies, magazines and music. All the students had to do was circle “regularly watch”, “listen to”, or “read” next to each example of television
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