Sex and Media around the World

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Society has deemed “sex” the most popular and searched for word on the internet today. Anytime anyone turns on the television or listens to the radio we hear sexual explicate lyrics or see sexual visuals in some form or another. This common, explicit and casual treatment of sex and sexuality in our society is doing more harm than good. Maintaining the biblical standards of sexuality, the love shared between a husband and a wife, is becoming a dying institution of lust versus love. Sex and human sexuality are gifts from God, but these gifts have been shamefully misused and misconstrued. The images of sex that the media bombards people with, as well as the pornography industry, is only helping in fueling this monster of addiction. Just like alcoholics or substance addictions, sex addicts become powerless against the repetitive thoughts or behaviors that keep them wanting to get a fix for more and more, even when they long for a life of purity, “sexual addiction is a sickness involving any type of uncontrollable sexual behavior” (Laaser, 2004, p. 23). Dr. Laaser shows the path that an addict needs to take to get back control of these repetitive thoughts or behaviors and live a life filled with sexual integrity and control.
Dr. Laaser understands the shame and hopelessness found in sexual addiction. Dr, Laaser knows there is a lot of misinformation or misconstrued information about sexual addiction and sought to clarify much of this information by writing Healing the
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