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Unlike many, many, many of you out there that completely HATED this movie, I on the other hand was appeased. Right now, I know you all (that have seen the movie) probably think I'm nuts, but before you judge me, read my review and explanations.

For those who have not yet seen the movie and plan on it: DO NOT READ THIS!

Now, I think a huge reason why I didn't find this movie so horrible is because I went in with hugely low expectations based on the trailer, so the few funny and likable parts of the film to me were a huge success. But yes, I do agree with many of those out there, it's still shameful compared to the series, and even the last film. I don't even understand why they even bothered with a sequel, to me that's beating a dead
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But that's what I have loved about Sex and the City, I couldn't wait to see what the next crazy outfit these girls would be thrown into.

Oh, a good example, Carrie's sunglasses, A-MAZING!

And I always find the general quipping between the girls pretty funny and kinda love the general cheesiness too, lol.

Now the bad:

The opulence and over indulgence of this film is ludicrous. I mean, did they not think that considering most people have been hit hard by the recession (especially in the USA) that this over-the-top-ness is just plain tacky? And not chic nor glamorous?

Now the plot, I know there was one in there somewhere, just really tricky to spot, someone let me know when they have found it, please. Oh wait a it when they complain about the petty problems in their over-indulgent lives, and how they deal with it (the poor dears) the story line? Oh yes, that's it....hmm, somehow I don't see how that spoke to many. So let's examine the so-called "plot":

1) Carrie is feeling humdrum about married life after two years, and meeting and kissing Aiden in Abu Dhabi to realize she is lucky to have a husband that wants to spend time with her in their home. At least she told him right away this time, and Mr. Big's shrugging off the kiss after a day of no talking seems unrealistic. Not to mention she now gives an idea that she will never be satisfied, I mean she spends the whole series chasing down and getting this
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