Sex in Advertising

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Sex in Advertising: Beneficial or Controversial?
Watch any amount of television throughout the day and at some point a sexually charged commercial advertisement will be aired. The commercial could show to barely dressed, large breasted, beautiful women fighting in a public location about whether or not the beer is "great tasting or less filling". Another commercial will hint that using their body spray will lead to attracting not only one women but an entire room full of women. Not to worry, the advertising agencies have not forgotten about giving the ladies some commercial eye candy as well. Remember the commercial about the office full of women employees drinking there diet soda while staring out the window at the shirtless,
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As stated by Fite, Fite, Mcelwee, Neal, & Smith (2000) sex in advertising can be viewed as unacceptable and poor in taste by some viewers and acceptable or essential to others. The debatable issue of does "sex sell" has become a great importance to society as well as the advertising companies. Random students at Northern Kentucky University were interviewed by Fite, Fite, Mcelwee, Neal, & Smith (2000), about there opinions of the use of sex in advertising. The students had several different opinions, here are a few examples:
"I do not think that marketers should use sex in advertisements. Sex makes things look more appealing, but it isn't a reason to buy a garment. I definitely look at the ads, but I am not naive enough to think that by simply buying what the model was wearing, I would look like him/her. I definitely think that sex has an effect on consumers, but more on the opposite sex of the model than on the sex that would probably be buying the product." Krista Funke
"No it is not right to use sex in advertisements, because the way that they use. It isn't appropriate due to the wide range of age groups that view these advertisements. It would not motivate me to buy a product." Siann Smith "I don't have a problem with sex being used in advertisement if it is used tastefully. Depending upon the ad and the model, it may

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