Sexism : A Negative Impact On Sexual Health

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There is a strong correlation between sexual health and sexism. It can be successfully argued that sexism has a negative impact on sexual health, with women as the primary victims. Since sexism is typically patriarchy-focused, women usually have a harder time securing protection for their sexual health. This is not to say that men are not negatively impacted by sexism. Sexism encourages men to embrace anti-social values supporting the depreciation of women’s sexual integrity intentionally and unintentionally. Therefore, the kind of mentality sexist men have about women’s sexuality is distorted. This socially divisive tool has an excessively negative impact on women’s knowledge of sexuality, the attitudes women have about their bodies, how women treat their bodies, women’s attitudes about their role in sexual interactions with men, and more. Unfortunately, this is something that people are exposed to at a young age. Adolescent boys and girls are conditioned to accept unhealthy ideologies about sexuality (Golanty & Edlin, 2012, p. 152). This is a developmental stage during which teens are quite impressionable when it comes to messages the media sends out to them regarding sexuality, especially in the U.S. (Golanty & Edlin, 2012, p. 152). These messages are not exactly truthful and supportive of one’s well-being. The adolescent stage also involves a lot of sensation-seeking through sexual exploration (Golanty & Edlin, 2012, p. 152).
Sexual health is an important aspect of…
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