Sexism And Its Impact On Society

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Since the beginning of history , sexism has formed a barrier between the sexes. Sexism has always been a major issue for women specially.The belief that a woman is inferior to man has always been the most common in all history. Although we’ve come a long way in the getting rid of sexist views , even in today’s modern society , sexism prevails. In Mythology, Romans thought women were “ secondary to men,” who brought upon “unhappiness and vices” like in the tale of Pandora.(Mark4) The Roman family was “male-dominated” meaning most decisions were carried out by “most senior male figure “ (Mark 4) Women were expected to play their “ perceived role in society” - such as “..looking out after the home and nurture a family” (Mark 4). Every aspect of a roman was very controlled due to the belief that they had“ weak judgement”(Mark 4) Double standards were even present during this time. Roman males expected their women to be “honourable and chaste” while “ they were more than willing to enjoy themselves the services of lovers and prostitutes.”(Mark) Roman law even dictated that prostitutes and waitress couldn’t prosecute for rape and rape of slaves was considered “property damage”.(Mark 4) During the Victorian period “men and women’s role became more sharply defined that any time in history.”(Hughes 5)The Victorian era focused very much on what was considered feminine and masculine. Women were thought of as “physically weaker yet morally

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