Sexism And Prejudice And Discrimination

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As stated in the oxford dictionary a stereotype is ‘a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing’. Stereotyping is a normal, automated aspect to our thinking process and hence is a vast implication to our outlook on society. Stereotyping is a widely observed Psychological topic and it has been suggested that sex, race and age are the most prevalent aspects to stereotyping (Mackie, Hamilton, Sussking and Rosselli,1996.) Therefore discussing all areas and aspects is far beyond the scope of this essay, hence I will be focusing on sexism and present the explanations surrounding this prejudice and discrimination. Sexism is discrimination and prejudice against an individual based on their gender and is still widely apparent in society today although has drastically deteriorated in relation to the past. Most research relating to sexism specifically focuses on women as they have been victim to the majority of prejudice essentially due to their lower status compared to men in relation to business, government and employment. Women still find it increasingly difficult to achieve or obtain top authoritarian positions in advanced companies and organisations; this is known as the ‘glass ceiling’. This is a hypothetical obstacle preventing women achieving leadership goals. Alternatively women may find themselves on a ‘glass cliff’; meaning women are purposefully placed in precarious leadership roles, ahead of men and consequently
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