Sexism And Social Psychology

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Sexism in Relation to Social Psychology
People, on many occasions, have preconceived opinions that are not based on any reason or actual experience, this is known as prejudice. Whereas sexism is a discrimination or prejudice based on an individual’s sex; a preconceived belief that one sex is superior and more valuable than another sex. In Personality and Social Psychology Factors Explaining Sexism the authors state, “The personality approach holds factors within the individual as the major causes of prejudice, the social psychology approach links prejudice to factors like people’s social group membership and social identity, and situational factors” (Akrami, N., et al. 2011).
Within the first study written by Akrami, the participants were non psychology university students, 194 women and 185 men; with the mean age being twenty-four and a half years. Responding to the Swedish translation of the Big Five Inventory (BFI; 44 items divided among the five personality dimensions) and the Swedish version of the 16-item Social Dominance Orientation Scale (SDO; a 15-item Right-Wing Authoritarianism Scale (RWA) and the 8-item Modern Sexism Scale, the participants completed the questionnaire on their own and anonymously. Ultimately, the results revealed notable positive connections of sexism with SDO and RWA (Akrami, N., et al. 2011).
Two studies were conducted to investigate the harm and ubiquity of benevolent sexism and modern sexist beliefs. The first study consisted of a group
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