Sexism And Where To Fabricate It

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Sexism- Where to Find It and Where to Fabricate It Sexism is one of the most prevalent topics and issues of the modern world. Defined as the prejudice, stereotyping, and discriminating behavior, typically towards women, on the basis of sex, it can be found everywhere. Even on something as simple as children’s apparel, according to journalist Chitra Ramaswamy. In her article “How a sexist T-shirt harms us all” published on the news site The Guardian Ramaswamy uses two shirts, one designed for each gender, from the retailer Gap as an example that sexism not only can exist anywhere but also affects everyone. She goes on to identify harmful gender-stereotyping all around us, even going as far to connect it with murders. Ramaswamy starts off her…show more content…
All of which is true, as is the fact that he has two mothers and no masculine role model. None of it makes him “such a boy”: we have society to thank for that” While in her mind she is making a mistake by calling him “such a boy” she is also hypocritically labeling boys as loving trains, hating arts and crafts, and being hyperenergetic. There are many boys who have no interest in trains are very artistic. Not only is she labeling him, which she frowns upon, but she has made her own gender stereotype of boys. However, calling him “such a boy” is not necessarily a negative thing, seeing as he is a male, and will naturally tend to behave in certain ways. Biology dictates that he will somewhat fall into stereotypes, simply because there are differences between the male and female minds, which there is nothing wrong with. Lastly, she includes her sexuality for no effective reason. It adds nothing to her article, and if anything contradicts what she has just stated, that her son is “such a boy”. Mentioning the fact that she is a lesbian adds nothing of value unless she changed it to “he is a such a boy, even though he has no masculine role in his life.” However, this would only counter her point that all stereotypes are conjured by society, when in reality, many exist because of simple biology and natural behavior differences. But it would validate her adding in her
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