Sexism And Women 's Rights

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Sexism has been a problem in America for a long time. If a person compares a man to a woman, the man takes it in a negative way. From kids to adults, women get unfair treatment all the time. The privileges women get are almost always inferior to the privileges men get (Forbes). Feminists have stood up for themselves since the 19th century (Greene, Busse, and Haynes). Feminists are women who stand up for their rights and equality. Although women’s rights have gotten better, there are still many disadvantages to overcome. Men have portrayed women in demeaning, submissive, and often sexualized ways for decades. Many people in America believe that sexism is not present in today’s world, but there is plenty of evidence that should convince people to see that that is not the case.
In the early stages of the idea of sexism, many women had no rights of their own. In fact, women did not even have an identity of their own. They took on the identity of their husbands. In the article “Sexism” by Jennifer Greene, Michele Busse, and Holly Haynes they state that “The struggle for women’s rights began in the 18th century.” During this time, people only saw women as inferior to men. This limited them to only having kids and taking care of the things at home. Many people thought that that was what women were made for anyway. Women were excluded from many things. They could not own property, work at any business, be involved in government, or higher their education (Greene, Busse, and…

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