Sexism And Women's Rights

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Women make up half of this world’s human population, and with consideration of this fact, who is to say women are lesser of the two genders? Sexism and Women’s Rights are a global issue, that affects more than just woman themselves. Even in the United States, commonly known as the “Land of the Free”, ironically is empowered by the Statue of Liberty, which presents false ideas that women are well respected in this country and provided with equal rights. Throughout history, women have constantly been working hard to prove their strength and ability, it was not until the twentieth century that women started to rise up in society and were slowly beginning to be viewed as an equally capable being in the eyes of the United States. From Cleopatra…show more content…
One in six American women have been the victim of rape or attempted rape. Roughly one.three million women, who speak up, in the U.S. are the victims of domestic violence each year.(Source one) Contrary to the idea that “New Feminism, which has pushed a view of women as fragile, always unsafe, lacking free will, incapable of making autonomous choices due to the suffocating culture”(Source six), gender equality and the promotion of women’s rights would reduce women that have suffered traumatic experiences from having the idea that they are helpless and no one would believe them. If you put yourself in the shoes of a woman who was either, battered by someone they love, assaulted, or raped would you feel as though you it was feminism that made you weak? The true definition of feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men, meaning that the presence of feminism would encourage woman to feel that they are no less valuable to men and would allow them to come to an understanding that they should not comply to any form of…show more content…
Even though America has still not reached gender equality, I do agree with those who claim that American women have substantially grown in society and contradicted many stereotypes. In places like Afghanistan, women are not to go anywhere without the approval of men. There are who try to escape their abusive husbands are thrown in jail. Though a jail sentence may seem tragic, many feel that if they were to ever be let out would be killed. In Armenia when women try to inform authorities of the abuse they are experiencing at home, they are asked what they did to deserve their beating, or are sent home because wife-beating is a family matter. (Source two) Home is supposed to be where one is most comfortable. Home is supposed to be where one feels safe, it is not a place that anyone should fear or feel the need to run away from. Because of the severe violence women encounter internationally, I support women’s right once again rising to a status of urgency, so that women who try to stand up for themselves using the little self-esteem they have theft, will be provided with reassurance that the trauma they endured was in no was
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