Sexism : Female And Female Gender

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Sexism Women have been considered unequal to men throughout most of history. Very few places in the world gave women any rights. Women were always considered the ones who would stay at home and clean, while men would hunt, work, and provide. It wasn’t until the 1900’s where women finally started fighting for their rights, which they, kind of, won. Nearly one hundred years later, women are still being treated unequally. There are many causes to this continued sexism. One cause is that males and females are segregated in school. Males and females have separate Physical Education classes and they also have separate certain sciences seperate, which leads to an understanding that the two genders are different. This segregation causes unnecessary friction between the male and female genders. After the segregation between young boys and girls, they then come to the realization that the male and female gender are different. This makes them competitive to prove that their gender is the best. This competition between the two genders is unnecessary and leads to each of the two genders to feel a sense of superiority over the other. While this may seem like a friendly competition, it is much more than that. Men and women become numb to the fact that both are people. After women and men begin to desensitize themselves to the other genders feelings, they begin to show hatred toward the opposite gender. This hatred is normally harmless and doesn’t ever manifest itself in a harmful
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