Sexism : Gender And Gender Inequality

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Sexism is a belief that one sex is better, superior, and valuable than the other sex. Sexism creates division in society, diminish productivity, opportunities adds negative treatment against a specific gender. According to merriam-webster dictionary Sexism is define as: unfair treatment of people because of their sex; especially : unfair treatmen of women”. Sexism is most commonly applied against females since women are consider the weaker sex. Men are perceived as the dominant gender over women since this is a patriarchy society .Negative stereotypes enforces discrimination against women and the consequences of gender stratification can be seen at home, work place and career paths. Socialization most important agent is the family and their responsibility is to open their child eyes to explore the world. At home, children are constantly told how to behave, speak, and respond according to their gender and their cultural norms. Society expects different behavior for girls and boys to become member of an ideal society. Unfortunately, these expectations have created stereotypes that have place women as the inferior gender and men as the dominant gender with power in our society. For example, girls are expected to be gentle, kind, nurturing, sensitive, submissive, and dependent. On the hand, boys are expected to be aggressive, independent, taught, dominant, and decisive. These stereotypes have created unequal and unfear treatment against women, because our society teaches
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