Sexism : Gender And The Oppression Of Women

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Aaron Winkes Professor Brown English 1010 18 October 2016 Sexism In Modern Television We live in an ever-changing world, but many things have stayed the same. Just as racism still exists in various ways today, sexism, ageism, and many other forms of discrimination and injustices persist around us. All of the issues mentioned are found throughout many aspects of society, and they are still reflected in the media and television. Television shows such as “Family Guy” are a prime example of this with its crude satirical humor that more often than not, portrays gender stereotypes and women in a bad light. A theme of gender and the oppression of women commonly occurs in this show. The essay, “Marked Women, Unmarked Men” by Deborah Tannen adds to this argument by stating the ways women are looked at compared to men in every way possible and Family Guy definitely exemplifies this with any stereotype about women they make fun of. Tannen also points out that women have to make profound decisions regarding their own appearance–hair style, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. - to avoid preconceptions whereas men can make superficial decisions ranging incomparably narrow. Objectification of woman was coded, for example, where a female character was being portrayed as a desirable object of a man or group of men, while wearing scanty clothing. This stereotype of the women’s clothing making her a “desirable” is exactly what Deborah Tannen was talking about in her essay of how women are marked

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