Sexism In Pleasantville

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It's no secret that Baby Boomer Americans have idealized the pre-Vietnam war, pre-commercial, all American, cheeseburger-eating, family-oriented, black and white era of the 1950s, with it’s five television channels, chastity rings, suburban streets, and traditional church-going families. This desire is represented in the Gary Ross film, Pleasantville, which has been called the most liberal movie of all time. The actions and behavior expressed in the film represent the importance of leaving the past behind, and standing up for what is right against all odds. However, no matter how destructive, hateful, or unaccepting some actions may have been, they represent a political response to the unreasonable wish to return to the 1950's and to traditional…show more content…
This body awareness and increase in casual sex was seen as American's indulging their desire to sin. We can see this clearly demonstrated at Lover's Lane, where all the high school kids would go to act on their curiosity. This is the action that first brought color into this traditional world, just as the sexual revolution really did when it caused a boom in the number of births, and an increase in divorces, unconventional family construction, and gave women even more of a reason to leave the home and enter professional workplaces. This is also demonstrated by David and Jennifer's real family situation, with divorced parents arguing over the phone about the custody of the two children. It is clear to the viewer when we see Betty (Bud's mother) masturbating in the tub, that the sexual revolution was seen as something both dangerous and wonderful symbolized by the tree that caught on fire. Along with the theme of the sexual revolution came the helplessness of the men when their wives had become more independent in their thought and actions. It is for this reason that citizens of Pleasantville are even more alarmed that women are making trips to the library. This helplessness was caused by the need for all individuals to be well rounded and independent in their skills, no matter their sex,…show more content…
One of the biggest aspects of this utopian community which seems to be overlooked by conservative voters who idolize (represented by David) is the conformity and dullness that occurred in such a place, We see that after David and Jennifer being to alter the perfect TV world, citizens try to reflect on their purpose, and end up drawing blank. One of the first times we see this is when David (as Bud) tells Skip not to go after his sister. Skip is shocked by this, and has no idea else to do because it was written in his part to do so. This one track mind is the filmmakers way of showing that a so called "perfect society" would mean no deviation in personality, in desires, in interests, or in beliefs. The end result is a world of perpetual
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