Sexism In Rap Music

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Sexism in rap music When sexism first came to thought there was this idea that women were worth less than men. Women had little to no rights to call their own, they were often viewed as the wife and mother who takes care of their children and husband who she feeds , does laundry , and cleans right after. On the other hand there are men who work and provide money to pay for bills and is the head of the family. It wasn’t until the 19th century when women decided to start campaigns for women to have more jobs available to them and an increase of salary because females seemed lesser than men, and also had an influence on women to start movements to put an end to prostitution and sexual violence. Although sexism developed since then, there is much to be done because theres discrimination roaming everywhere such as music. It is common today to believe that music can be harmful, although many believe it does no harm at all and actually influences people for good. Sexism has been highly presented in today's rap music and videos , offending both genders in aggressive and provocative ways, It has been used to discriminate others based on their sex . Sexism in youth culture is common; however, it reaches points that we are yet not prepared to handle without ending up with consequences. Women face many challenges daily, and sometimes its too difficult to handle and we just need break and listen to music. There is one problem though, sexism is also in music.
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