Sexism In Social Media

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As girls grow into their teenage years, the media continues to play a significant role in their development.The role sexism plays in young girls lives affects them in many ways. When sexism is mentioned, which gender comes to mind first? Society seems to have attached the sexism issue on females exclusively.The topic of sexism occurs in indirect and direct ways in all types of media. Sexual discrimination will continue to exist l if nobody attempts to end it. Sexism leads to downgrading women and men’s capability. Insecurities and violence are a leading result of sexism. Sexism continues to exist as evidenced by advertisements, social media, and in relationships.
The advertising world has a major effect on the increasing sexual discrimination
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People are not born sexist, they learn to be sexist when they are a child. The media has a great impact on influencing children and teen’s views and judgements. If children and teens are learning sexist views, it is most likely from the media. Teenagers nowadays are growing up on social media. Their private lives become their public lives. Bullies and predators feel empowered harassing their victims behind the anonymity behind a computer or phone screen (Thompson, 2016) Sexism in apps such as Kik, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram has made it’s way into the innocence of childhood. On these apps girls are called all kinds of names even called fat, shaming their body image. In social media sexism examples are man posting women with very little clothes on, etc. Girls see pictures that have the perfect women’s image. Perfect teeth, boobs, hair and body are many of the things teenagers crave for. Studies show as teenage girls see another teenage perfect image, it drops their self- esteem and girl tend to compare themselves to each other. Men think women are suppose to have the perfect hourglass shape, perfect teeth and face, which leads girls to become more insecure. These ideals from men is…show more content…
Although it impacts children and teenagers negatively, it can also make them aware of the issues that women face in our world today and empower them to make a change. People need to be more educated on the sexism issues and instead use advertisements and social media as an activist tool, to protest
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