Sexism Is The Discrimination Of One 's Gender

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Sexism is the discrimination of one 's gender. Sexism has been around for a long time. Sexism is usually aimed towards women. People believe that women are fragile and cannot fend for themselves. No matter where anyone works there is some form of sexism taking place. Some jobs favor women over men and others do the complete opposite. Some jobs give all the heavy lifting to men and all the easy objectives to women. Many jobs do this all the time, which is not right to do to someone. A job should give every employee equal opportunity; no matter the sex of the employee. Jobs fail to treat every employee as an equal all the time. Just because a woman has that fragile caring appearance does not mean she cannot do everything a man can do. All forms of employers do it now. Small companies, large companies, government offices they all discriminate. One of the biggest fields that discriminate against someone’s sex is the business world. The business field pays women with the same experience background of a male coworker less than the male. Women do not get the same opportunities that men do when it comes to competing for a job or promotion. Women are discriminated in the business world and do not get taken seriously when it comes to their jobs. Women in the business world are defeated by the stereotype that women are given. People seem to categorize women as a gender that cannot do much, because of that they are usually put as an assistant. Women in the business field are…
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