Sexism Is The True Hindrance For Female Careers

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Even today’s society, gender inequality remains a very controversial topic. One especially debated area is whether or not sexism exists in the workplace. Some argue that sexism is a major deterrent in the careers of women, and is the main reason women are not as prominent in positions of power and thus in our society. Others believe that women choose not to pursue such positions, because of their roles as mothers. However, it is views like this that prevent women from being taken seriously as workers. Upon closer insight into our society, it is evident that sexism is the true hindrance in female careers. Factors such as sexism in employment, pay inequality, and a lack of feelings of confidence and safety prevent women from advancing in their careers, despite them being equally as capable and qualified as men. Women encounter sexism in their careers almost immediately; it starts as soon as they begin to apply for jobs. When employers are looking for potential employees, they tend to reject those that they know to be female, who they see as less competent, in favor for those who they know to be male. In her article, “Gender Inequality: Empowering women,” Kelsey cites a study that found “women and minorities were more likely to be hired when gender is unknown in the selection process.” This shows that, despite having the exact same qualifications, women are seen as less capable and less suited for the job, and that, even on a subconscious level, women are discriminated…
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