Sexism Within Advertising : A New Era Of Social Justice

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Sexism within Advertisements
As a whole, this society has greatly improved, with new cures to old diseases, more efficient ways to complete daily tasks, and new technology with information at our fingertips. Along with these newfound practices, humanity has also given rise to a new era of social justice. Humans everywhere are working everyday to ensure everyone is treated with equality and respect. Nevertheless, humanity still has a long way to go. The mission will not be complete until there is not a single example of mistreatment. However, many of these mistreatments have been normalized so the task of completely eradicating them will be even more difficult. An example of these mistreatments is sexism in advertising. Sexism is obviously
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Last month, household goods company Unilever said it would “unstereotype” its adverts after research suggested that 2% of ads showed intelligent women” (Davies and Obordo 15). Advertisements that continue to show a lack of s“educated” women have the potential of instilling predetermined values within the minds of those in a society and raising younger generations to believe they cannot result to move. Along with supposedly “rectifying” a woman’s place in society, advertisements develop a sublime message which shows women as the inferior gender. In the 1980s, the Women’s Monitoring Networks started a project called ‘sexism in the media’. Over the course of a few days, they asked women in the UK to send in clippings of sexist advertisements. Of all the six they received, each one of them included themes of patriarchy (Blloshi 7). Blloshi further explains the themes of patriarchy that were included. For example, “…Courtney and Lockeretz (1971, p. 94) coded and grouped 729 advertisemts into the following stereotypes of women: ...“Women are dependent and need men’s protection”...(Blloshi 6-7). In this case, women are shown amount to nothing. This has a negative impact on a whole gender as well as individual woman themselves. Psychological damage is a possibility as well being caught in an abusive
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