Sexism and Disney

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For decades now, Disney Corporation has been providing us with countless films made to delight and amuse children and adults alike. But not all Disney films seem particularly appropriate for their target audience. Many of these films portray violence, gender inequality, and skewed views of leadership roles that seem altogether inappropriate for impressionable young children. Better and more contemporary heroines need to be added to Disney’s wall of princesses in order to counteract years of sexism. Admittedly, many of Disney’s original works are not being viewed by their intended audience. Author of Patricia Digón Regueiro 's states, “it may be of interest to know that in his early cartoons created by Walt Disney were not directed at…show more content…
Once again Snow White is saved not by her actions or words, but by her looks alone. While violence is shown to a far lesser extent in this film compared to others, it is still prevalent. When the Queen orders the huntsman to kill Snow White, she does not ask for a simple death. She orders the man to hack out the young girl 's heart and bring it to her (in the original story, she does this so she can eat it. Thankfully, they do not mention that in the movie). Despite being the protagonist, Snow White is never given a chance to lead her own life. From the very beginning of the film, she is always owned by someone else. First her stepmother controls her life, then the huntsman orders her to leave, then it is the dwarfs (sic) who control and care for her well-being, and then it is the prince. Never once does she resist or attempt to go out on her own. By the end of the film, she does not even protest a near stranger kissing her as she sleeps. In fact, she figures that 's reason enough to run away with him! Beauty and the Beast is another film with questionable morals. Despite a sixty year time span between the two films, gender relations changed very little. Though the main characters come off as slightly more rounded, there are still some eerie instances that should be addressed. Belle is (yet again) a stunning young woman who is revered throughout for her
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