Sexism and discrimination

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Sexism and the Discrimination Within It
Sexism has been a problem since the existence of man and woman. It brings on the controversial issue of men and women, and how they are not considered equal in society. There are many different perspectives on sexism and whether or not it still exists. Feminist writers such as Daly, Frye, and Millett all stress the way in which women have been subject to the power of men and how the female self is ‘invaded’ by patriarchal conditioning. Frye, in particular, has a strong opinion on the issue. As Jean Grimshaw states in her article, Autonomy and Identity in Feminist Thinking, “Frye sees women as simply ‘broken’ and then ‘remade’ in the way that suits their masters.”
Frye argues that if it were
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If a couple is to enter a restaurant, the headwaiter or hostess addresses the man and does not address the woman. (Frye 408) This does not happen because of certain rules or laws, it is almost just instinct to go to the man first, since after all, he is the more dominant one, and holds greater power than the woman, right? Nobody is entitled to be approached by the hostess, the hostess could be unconsciously discriminating against a woman purely because that is what society is teaching people. Men are seen as more powerful than women, but that does not always mean that they are entitled to more or have more control and power over certain situations. Roles in the household used to be based off the gender of a person; the duties of the person residing there would depend on his or her gender. For example, a man will go do the dirty work- make money, provide for the family, and a woman is to clean the house, take care of the children, and overall, cater to her spouse. This can be seen as discriminating towards a woman; now a day, it is possible for a woman to make all of the woman and for the man to stay at home- do household chores and take care of the children. A woman is more likely to get assaulted when walking down the street in the evening in a town or city. (Frye 412) The risk is less for males and greater for females because females are less likely
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