Sexism in Early Civilizations Essays

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Even in the first civilizations sexsim was very prevalent, women were not included in democracy, they were not allowed to vote, and in some earlier civilizations women were not even allowed to have a job or go outside the home. Even as a 16 year old girl in America, the supposed land of dreams, I see sexism everyday. I see it when I watch the news, I see it when I’m walking down the halls at my school, I even see it when I read novels and articles or watch a movie online. Over 60% of serious journalism roles are given to males, while the women are left with the less important, or less popular sections. In school I see boys calling girls stupid, or girls getting a pass to go to their locker because they forgot something, even though a boy…show more content…
Although these were groundbreaking laws that were passed in the 21st century, we still need more.
Women are still, even in the #1 country ever, of all time, in the universe, discriminated against. For every $1.00 that a man makes a women with the same job, same education and qualifications only make 77 cents. If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention is the statement that I would use to describe this dilemma. It’s not just wage either, it’s the positions and how seriously women are taken in their field. 44% of women in the science field answer on a questionnaire that they have found it difficult to gain respect from fellow co-workers because of their sex. It doesn’t stop there either, women’s sexuality is discriminated against more than enough to raise an eyebrow. 82% of women who sexually identify as bisexual say that they have not been taken seriously by either an employer or a family member. However, only 20% of men who identify as bisexually in the same questionnaire said that they had not been taken seriously about their sexuality. Girls in other countries are denied education because they are female. Only a few 100 years ago in China, they used to kill female babies because they were less honorable than a male
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