Sexism in Music

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Sexism in Music There are countless forms of media out there that are in one way or another degrading and offensive towards women. The one that is of most interest to me is music. Whether songs are blatantly sexist and downright rude to women, like many rap songs, or overtly offensive such as many rock and roll songs, women are commonly demeaned by lyrics in countless songs throughout the ages. I don’t even listen to rap music because it is particularly offensive to women, more so than any genre, making it very profane and unenjoyable in general. Because of this class I have started to become more aware of media that supports stereotypes of women, and other cultures, and while listening to music the other day, I began to notice that…show more content…
The woman this song about clearly does not feel the same about the man, as she is “taking steps” away from him, and “can’t see” that she “belongs” to him, making it even more alarming that he is so persistent in “having” her. Another song that I was listening to, and suddenly realized was extremely objectifying and offensive towards females was “Some Girls” by The Rolling Stones, another extremely popular and well-known band. This song makes women out to be nothing other than shallow, materialistic, sex objects. Not only does it objectify all females as such, but it also breaks them down by race and culture. The lyrics are as follows: “French girls they want Cartier/ Italian girls want cars/ American girls want everything in the world/ You can possibly imagine/ English girls they're so prissy/ I can't stand them on the telephone/ Sometimes I take the receiver off the hook/ I don't want them to ever call at all/ White girls they're pretty funny/ Sometimes they drive me mad/ Black girls just wanna get fucked all night/ I just don't have that much jam/ Chinese girls are so gentle/ They're really such a tease/ You never know quite what they're cookin'/ Inside those silky sleeves.” It does not take much explanation to see how this is offensive; it is sexist as well as racist. It is insulting to me as a female because

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