Sexism in the Workplace

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Discrimination can be expressed in many different ways, which n no matter can be very hurtful to a person. Discrimination itself means making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit (Merriam-Webster). One way of expressing discrimination is denying one a job because of his/her race or gender, or treating others unfairly because of his/her race or gender. Discrimination can lead to quitting a job, and possibly doing something harmful to oneself or to the aggressor. Different ways of discrimination occurs very often in the workplace. The most common would be, sexism against women; because men are the more dominant …show more content…
However in highflying jobs there still is a large wage difference. The NES showed that woman's hourly earnings where on an average 70.9% of men's in 1990. The problem being is that since woman go into different areas of work than men it may be very difficult to compare the skills and amount of work they do to claim equal pay.
In the 1960’s want ads were universally segregated by sex. There was the “help wanted-male” and help wanted-female”(Berg) This allowed for no confusion but there were many complaints to the EEOC but they were repeatedly ignored. They agreed to get rid of the ad’s that separated the races, but not the ones separating sex.
In the 1960’s one of the few positions that was available for women was in the airlines. They believed that it was the perfect job because it was considered to be the perfect training for marriage. But if the women gained weight or even got married they were fired. This was because they wanted the women to be young, single and enticing. “Its a sex thing” an airline executive explained the general thinking: “You put a dog on an airplane and twenty businessmen are sore at you for a month.” Women were required to wear girdles to look sexier. They would check if you were wearing your girdle by running a finger on the rear end and if you were not wearing it you were called into the office. These jobs only lasted for about 3 years because of women’s bodies changing

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