Sexting : A Part Of Their Sexual Engagement Essay

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Introduction: (200 words) Sexting among teenagers has become a part of their sexual engagement with each other over the last decade. Sexting refers to electronic communication between people in a sexual context via written text, naked pictures or partly naked pictures between participants that send and receive sext messages. It seems that the mainstream perception is that sexting brings about risky behaviour among this young demographic. Research supports that, however, not enough research has been conducted in this area, particularly with young teenagers. This is due to the age of consent for sexual intercourse and parents’ agreement for young teenagers taking part in research into sexting. Moreover, by looking at both male and females’ sexes can identify gaps in previous findings or extend knowledge in areas were previous research has not been sufficient. The research will identify engaged in sexting or people that some common understanding on the topic. It is expected that these will be groups within the general population with required age demographics: teenagers (adolescences) and young adults sexters. Sexting can be associated with risky behaviour in both adolescences and young adults and by further investigating how similarly of differently adolescents and young adults think about sexting or engage in sexting in casual romantic liaisons or long term relationships, this research can better determine the role gender and age. As adolescents and young adults develop

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