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What Has the Improvement of Electronics Done to Us? Kids today have so much access with just the use of one handheld device. With all the options of video apps, picture apps, and texting apps, sexting has become a very popular act today. Sexting has been around for years and years, but why has it become so popular? Is it because more and more kids have phones? Or is it because parents don’t have as much control over what their children can and cannot look up through their phones. An analysis on today’s teenagers shows that sexting has become a huge problem with teenagers today all because of the improvement of electronics. With electronics improving, images, videos, and text messages can be sent within seconds. Whereas, years ago, it took a week for a message to be sent from one person to the next. Since kids are getting phones at young ages they have access to the applications where many things occur. If they are to see an older friend using an application, they may become curious and download it. They may even hear from that friend what exactly they are doing with the application. That friend might even try to pressure the kid into doing something such as sexting. Kids can send and receive pictures and videos…show more content…
There are over 1000 different texting applications that you could go through. Although some sexting acts are done by the kids on their own; some acts of sexting are done solely because of the peer pressure from fellow friends. Girls are more likely to be peer pressured into sexting than boys are. 51% of teen girls said that pressure from a guy was the reason they sexted compared to the 18% of teen boys. Peer pressure can be very intimidating, especially at young ages. Sometimes kids don’t think about what they are doing or saying to others and how it may affect them. Just like the pictures and videos, things can go very bad very fast if text messages are seen by the wrong
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