Sexual Abuse And Child Abuse

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Sexual abuse to a child can be a confusing and devastating experience for the family. Families who are affected by child sexual abuse can have a difficult time talking about the abuse. Studies have shown that about one out of every four girls and one out of every five boys are sexually abused by the time they are 18 years old.
Sexual abuse to children does not discriminate based on socioeconomic status, ethnicity, culture, religion or education. Treating a victim of child sexual abuse is a difficult process because of the lack of trust the child will have for authoritarian figures. Often times when child sexual abuse occurs the family members have a hard time acknowledging or even believing the abuse occurred, which can lead to the family
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Child abuse is reported about 80,000 times per year, but the most disturbing fact is how many reports of child abuse go unreported due to the child being afraid to talk about the abuse, and not wanting to get their offender in trouble.
Children between the ages of three to five years old are considered to be the most vulnerable to be a victim of sexual abuse. Children need to have supervision at all times, especially during times like changing clothes and bathing. If unsupervised, this can open the door for sexual abuse by the relatives, babysitters, etc. The second risk factor is the socioeconomic status; the offender will notice the child isn’t getting any attention from the family and will manipulate the situation with the child. The perpetrator will offer to buy the child things that the family can’t, listen to the child’s problems and gain their trust. The level of education plays a role, if the child is raised by a single parent and/or if the parents have marital problems. Once trust is established this is when the perpetrator will sexually abuse a child. Lastly, the final part is how well the child knows the perpetrator. The abuse of the child usually has occurred for a long time due to the close relationship between the child and perpetrator. The perpetrator will groom the child and his/her family by doing things for them, which the abuser has been targeting the child for
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