Sexual Abuse And Child Violence

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Abuse is currently the number one cause of injury to women in the U.S., four million women every year are abused by men. These women often are disfigured or can develop permanent disabilities. Each year 2,500 deaths occur every year in abusive domestic situations, 1,500 women are killed violently by their perpetrators, and around 1,000 kill their abusers to save themselves (Mankiller). Statistics show that women are more often killed or disfigured by their abusers than are able to save themselves. Women are often being psychologically trapped in abusive relationships due to the cycle of violence as well as the different tactics used by abusers, dangers of leaving, and ideas about marriage formed during childhood. Domestic abuse is a term…show more content…
Soon after, in 1850, 19 of the 50 states had passed laws protecting women, saying that they are allowed to divorce abusive husbands. In 1882, Maryland was the first state to create a law against "wife-beating". Throughout the early 1900s more organizations and protests were held to stand against domestic violence. Eventually, in 1993, marital rape was outlawed in all 50 states. In 2005 the Violence Against Women Act was signed by President Bush putting it into action. Beginning with the colonial Americans, who believed that some "chastisement" was okay, and proceeding until today, when domestic violence has been outlawed, help for the abused and prevention of abuse has been a long struggle (Proquest Staff). The Cycle of Violence is one of the main psychological factors that keeps victims in the relationship, it tricks women into believing that their relationship will change and become loving. The Cycle of Violence theory was introduced by Lenore Walker in her book, The Battered Woman, in 1979. This book states that there are three phases that an abusive relationship cycles through: the tension-building phase, the battering phase, and the honeymoon/make-up period (Haley and Stein 81). The tension-building phase is the time period where tension increases before the most physically abusive stage. During this time the abuse tends to be psychological, financial, verbal, minor physical, etc. In many cases the abused woman will blame herself and make excuses for her abusers
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