Sexual Abuse In The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison

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The Bluest Eye is her first book which talks about a victimized adolescent Black girl who is obsessed by the White standards of beauty. In this novel, Morrison deals with Black women’s experience in America, their struggle for finding their personal as well as their cultural identities.
Pecola prayed for blue eyes every night. She believes that if she has blue eyes, they will make her look beautiful and she believes that if she looked beautiful, someone will love her and the behaviour of others would also be different, positive towards her. Also, perhaps, her parents’ behaviour would be different with her in particular and with everybody in general. Maybe they will not fight with each other in front of her. She had prayed for one year enthusiastically
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Her prayer for blue eyes symbolizes a desire for meeting the repeated messages of White cultural superiority. She believes that the only way she can escape from this situation is to become beautiful through acquisition of blue eyes. She shares a bedroom with her brother and lives with her disabled mother and her drunken father. She is raped by her father and resultantly becomes pregnant. Her rape by her alcoholic father symbolizes the most prominent type of sexual assault against Black females by Black males and this is also the most tragic illustration of Black women’s abuse as shown in the novel. Pecola doesn’t know the meaning of love and also she could never control her body. Her sexual experiences are of just being raped by her father.
Morrison shows that Black women suffer fatal types of violence even from their close family members. Abuse of and sexual assault to Black females in this novel come from both Black and White males. The Bluest Eye, among other important themes, is also a narrative of incestuous rape. In this novel Pecola’s story ends tragically. Generally each woman in this novel suffers some attack on her integrity and female
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