Sexual Abuse In The United States

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Sexual abuse is very common throughout the entire world. It happens to everyone, male or female. Sexual abuse is considered a crime. What is sexual abuse? How do you prevent it from happening? Or what to do if you were ever assaulted? Many people ask themselves these questions when hearing or talking about sexual abuse.
What is sexual abuse? Sexual abuse, also known as molestation, is forcing one’s self upon someone else. Sexual abuse can also be known as rape, because you are forcing yourself on someone. A horrific case of sexual abuse, occurred in early January of 2016, a young girl was gang-raped in Lahore, Pakistan. When they asked if she knew her many rapists, she said, “policemen and Adhan Sana Ullah, a political party worker were involved”
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A form of sexual abuse that is not talked or reported as much is, sexual assault of men and boys. “2.78 million men in the U.S. have been victims of sexual assault or rape” (Rainn). Men survivors are less likely to report an assault or rape to the police. The way society visions males, it makes it harder for men to report because they are embarrassed or scared that it happen to them. All victims, regardless the gender, undoubtedly suffer as the result of sexual assault. It is simply not true that women suffer more than men, or rather that men suffer more than women. When young boys are raised, they are taught to be “brave”, “strong” and “tough.” Therefore, it is extremely understandable that a man or boy experiences emotions, such as, loneliness, vulnerability, inadequate, ashamed, etc. “Male victims are extremely hesitant to report such crimes due to the risk of mockery, disbelief, and disdain both from the community and law enforcement who may perceive them as ‘un-masculine’” (Fuchs 98). Being victimized does not mean you lose all your masculinity or physical strength. Certainly, sexual assault or rape is not only an exhibition of physical strength, it is also considered an abusive form of psychological control. This happens so frequently that victims often blame themselves for their attacks. In…show more content…
Those effects may include depression, suicide, being angry, isolation, flashbacks, PTSD, and STDs. Most people refer PTSD towards the military, but it can appeal for survivors of all types of nightmares, including sexual abuse. A research done in Canada within the Department of Justice. There were many participants who agreed to report their assault, and one young man spoke about his long lasting, and extremely urgent impact of the sexual assault, “I suffer from PTSD...I always felt I was to blame” (McDonald 13). Uncharacteristic feelings that occur within sexual abuse survivors can be stress, the feeling of fear, extreme nervousness and anxiety, these feelings are completely normal. These feelings that occur in survivors are extreme, it can make someone fear they are in danger and always makes them look twice over their shoulder. “These symptoms can intrude into your daily life and prevent you from working, maintaining relationships, or completing everyday tasks” (Safe Horizon). It is exceptionally unfathomable for the survivors to operate in their everyday
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