Sexual Acts And Its Effects On Society

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Many libertarians, if asked what sexual acts should be considered as morally wrong, would reply that the only morally wrong act is one which lacks universal informed consent. In this day and age of sexual liberty, most people would agree. However, within philosophy it is not always seen as so straight forward as some philosophers argue that consent alone is not sufficient to determine the morality of sex. Some moral views, such as moral perfectionism, believe it is wrong for one person to harm another. Even if this act if freely and willingly consented to. This would result in sadomasochistic sexuality dubbed morally wrong. Other moral philosophies hold further conditions on a sexual acts morality. Aquinas for example believes that a sexual act is only morally right if abides by natural law and does not violate God’s design. By comparison with lower animals, Aquinas came to the conclusion that the sexual impulse that humans feel has been implanted within them in order to reproduce. God created the genitals to facilitate heterosexual intercourse, mechanism of the penis depositing sperm into the vagina as a means of procreation. Any sexual acts that do not use this mechanism, with a male depositing his sperm in anywhere other than a vagina such as homosexual intercourse, masturbation and oral sex are deemed unnatural. Due to the violation of God’s design, these unnatural acts are morally wrong. Even though by many people standards this view is dated, there are some

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