Sexual Adventure - Original Writing

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Jenny was bored with her life and her marriage. She wanted to spice up her life and her time in the bedroom. For the longest time she had been wondering why her husband only wanted to have sex one time a month, and then it was only in one position; missionary. There was nothing new to their love making, it had always been the same. But after twenty years of marriage, she’d enough, and wanted something new. She went to a web page she had heard some co-workers talking about and looked around. Her eyes were wide with wonder why’ll she read stories of sexual adventure. She could feel her body getting hotter as she read more and more stories of how girls allowed males to use their bodies. Not just one man, but several. It was called a gangbang, and she felt her pussy clench as she wondered what it would feel like. Pulling her panties down she pushed a finger into her wet hole as she read the story of a woman who had allowed five guys to do her. The woman had a dick in all holes of her body more than one time, Jenny knew that she wanted to do this. The problem was she didn’t know if she really wanted to do it, sure it was a nice fantasy. But she really was a one-woman man, and that was still her husband, even if he was boring. She wondered what her husband Tony would say if he knew she wanted to be fucked by more than one man. He was never very adventurous. But perhaps she could talk him into it. Or maybe she should just sneak out and do it without him. Her face
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