Sexual And Reproductive Rights : Human Rights

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American Government
October 18, 2017
Essay #1
Sexual and Reproductive Rights Sexual and Reproductive Rights is Human rights combined with sexuality and reproduction. The lack of support in Sexual and Reproductive rights has cause maternal deaths and unintended pregnancies. The government has been supporting Sexual and Reproductive Rights for many years now. Over time the United States has played a big role in reproductive health and has changed the point of view for reproductive health.
Civil liberties are the protection against the United States government actions. Civil Liberties are known as freedoms and rights that gives Americans specific rights. The freedoms expand from slavery and forced labor to security and the right to
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One-third of deaths could be prevented if women did not want to become pregnant. The United States is the largest donor to reproductive health. They also put a great amount of money into improving and expanding women’s sexual reproductive rights. The role has changed by political debates that have been brought up domestically and internationally. The amount of funding has jumped from four-hundred and twenty-five million to six-hundred and eight million dollars between the years of 2006 and 2017. Funding has been banned overseas for abortion by several legislative restrictions. There have been several court cases about sexual and reproductive rights. One main court case happened in 1965, Griswold v. Connecticut. This court case was about the Supreme Court made a prohibition against sale, use of contraceptives, and prescriptions, even for married couples. In this case, the Constitution guaranteed a right to privacy. This happened when individuals made decisions about personal matters. Another court case is the United States v. Vuitch in 1971. In this case, Norman Dorsen argued about abortion. A doctor went against law permitting abortion only to maintain a women’s life or health. The court denied this claim because the statement was too vague. Health should be about psychological and physical well-being. The court also said the burden should be on the prosecutor not the doctor. Another court case was Roe
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