Sexual Arousal And Sexual Activity Essay

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Sexual arousal can vary from person to person. Some people are aroused just by looking at a person, being touched in a certain place on one’s body, or thinking about a sexual act. Sexual arousal, or sexual excitement, is described as a physiological state as well as emotional. Physiologically, it is defined as an increased amount of blood flow to the genitals during a sexual act. As the amount of blood flow increased to the genitals, the clitoris swells for the woman and the penis erects for a man (Sexuality and U). Researchers have done studies on sexual arousal, particularly Gerulf Rieger, Ritch C. Savin- Williams, Meredith L. Chivers, and J. Michael Bailey. These individuals did a study where sexual arousal experiments were done with female individuals to test the level of sexual arousal physiologically based on the sexual orientation of a female (Rieger, Savin- Williams, Chivers, Bailey, 2015). Rieger, Savin- Williams, Chivers, and Bailey did a study that proposed that the level of sexual arousal depends on a females’ sexual orientation. Particularly, females’ level of sexual arousal is higher with both males and females, whereas with males it is only high with their preferred sexual orientation. However, lesbians are the exception. They are more aroused in response to other females (Rieger et al., 2015). These researchers’ hypothesized straight women are sexually aroused by both sexes, while lesbians are strongly sexually aroused to the same sex. Secondly, there is
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