Sexual Assault Against Males Essay

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Sexual assault against men has been viewed or ignored as not being a large problem or issue. As a man, it may seem that they can fight off attackers, may not be affected by such thing, and as far as saying they enjoy such “pleasure”. But in today's world, these stereotypes can lead up to sexual difficulties, such feelings as anger and feeling shameful to a point where someone can lose their self esteem feeling weak and embarrassed.
The problem isn't that woman have more assaults and attacks, but consequently the amount of such horror that goes unreported by so many males. What can we do to prevent unwanted sexual actions against victims? Should there be more policies and consequences at work? And should there be awareness and learning
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But inmates are more likely abused by fellow inmates and guards. Both sexs by the same sex, male on male and female on female. That being woman are not usually considered the perpetrator tho it is a likely factor. Down to even the juveniles reporting being assaulted by staff and eighty nine percent of those reports were males abused by female employees. Considering when people think males can't be or are not sexually assaulted,, depression and dysfunction among these victims proves otherwise. Stricter policies and consequences should be enforced by government officials, disabling abuse by high…show more content…
It usually focuses about the woman who are enlisted but the majority of assaults are men. In this case there is more men on men attacks but women are more likely to be assaulted. But in conclusion reports say many attacks on men go unreported. This behavior has risen because this violence usually goes tolerated within the system. Veterans later come out about such things because the fear of being punished, hazed, and penalized for reports against higher officials. It is hard for civilians to make statements about how to prevent sexual abuse in a strict and strong national organization but we can still stand to be heard and make movement to help those sacrificing their lives helping
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