Sexual Assault And Its Effects On College Campus

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Sexual assault is something that is increasingly common on college campus’, 1 in 4 women are assaulted at some point during their university career. Some might say “are you serious? That’s some feminist propaganda!” But this is the truth, and is the reality of universities across the US and beyond. When you see a promotional video about Harvard University, they don’t show you the statistics of sexual assault/misconduct. They show you an idealized view of university, they want to show you how you can achieve the American dream! Harvard, as the top dog of ivy league universities, has one of the highest numbers of sexual assault and misconduct. They are top in education, and in crime. It’s time we address this hushed up crime, the crime that no one dares to speak of. The perpetrators are usually those you know; the one’s you have classes with or those you meet at a party. Parent’s often have an attitude where when you drop your child off to college, the college will do the right thing and help keep the student safe, but this is not the case regarding sexual assault. More than 16% of women are sexually assaulted while in college, 88% of those who are assaulted do not report because of the culture of victim blaming. When victims come to a school official for help, they are usually bombarded with statements like “what were you wearing?” “were you drunk?” “what could YOU have done differently?”, you would expect a university to care about its students and provide them with
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