Sexual Assault And Sexual Abuse

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Sexual assault is any sexual activity where the victim and the villain are not in agreement. It is a non consensual act that involves coercion. A person who is sexually assaulted is tricked or forced into the act to satisfy the sexual desires of the perpetrator. It is considered a crime and it is entrenched in the laws of different states. Legally, sexual assault is encompasses all the forced activities that relate to sexual abuse. In many states, the legal definitions vary. Some consider it as any forced sexual intercourse while others include indecent assault. Some of the common acts that are defined under sexual abuse are; rape which is the coerced penetration into the vagina, anus or oral sex, incest which is the sexual abuse by a close relative, indecent assault which involves any acts that defy decency such as touching another person inappropriately and in some cases domestic violence is incorporated. Sexual harassment can be experienced by any member of the society who includes men, women, children, and the elderly. The North Carolina General Statutes divides sexual assault into various degrees. First is the first degree rape that entails vaginal intercourse with child below 13 years of age while the perpetrator is above 12 years. Second degree rape involves years old and four years elder than the victim. It is also defined as rape by employing a deadly weapon according to the victims’ perception, and the perpetrator causes injury to the victim. Second degree rape
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