Sexual Assault And Sexual Aggression

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The definition of sexual assault is often blurred in today’s society, as the rate of these cases increases rapidly this simple definition seems as if it should be known. In reality defining a specific event or act as sexual assault can be very difficult because of the many situations and different accusations that arise throughout the large number of complicated cases. To reduce the number of these sometimes gruesome cases, there needs to be a goal to look toward while working to reduce this crime. These situations occur for reasons unexplainable to many, but there are certain things that lead to the increased number of sexual assaults. Sexual references sell. Sexuality is advertised more than any other system of persuasion when attempting to sell a product. This does not pertain to the product being sold, in all honesty the product is irrelevant to consumers. The one and only thing that matters to the consumer is the way the item is being advertised, and the most common way of advertising is in a sexual context. This ultimately has a faint place in the increase of sexual assault cases because of subliminal advertising and messaging. Subliminal messages are used to pass the normal lines of perception, and they are usually not detected by the conscious mind but are perceived by the unconscious and deeper mind. This could easily play a role in the increase of sexual assault cases throughout the country, which is most evident in college students because of the large amount of…

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