Sexual Assault And Sexual Violence On College Campuses Across The United States

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This essay explores the ongoing issue of sexual assault and sexual violence on college campuses across the United States. Education on the topic of sexuality and sexual assault throughout secondary and post secondary education is vital to the awareness of, and battle against sexual assault. Issues in sex-education, included lack of depth into healthy sexuality, and abstinence only sex education. Women are not reporting their cases to the authorities or universities because of issues with privacy, shame and guilt. Universities are not providing reliable support to victims, which creates wide spread apprehension to report cases of sexual assault. Pop culture and media promote a skewed image of sexualized women, creating a cultural expectation for women to please and be subservient, promoting sexual violence against women across the country.

Scientia Potentia Est We live in a time and place where women are more powerful than they have ever been throughout history. Being a woman in America today means equal rights, the freedom to express and celebrate femininity and individualism, and most importantly, to achieve and stride for knowledge and vast educational opportunities. But what happens when the right to education is soured and shadowed in fear? When a woman doesn’t feel safe walking alone to class at night? Suddenly, that bright sparkle of an American promise is tarnished, and the sweetness of success tastes bitter. How can a woman be truly invested in…

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