Sexual Assault And Transgender Women

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In the news article “Asked to be paid, got sexually attacked” in the Toronto Sun from October 27 by Dean Fritchard, the author talks about James Marshall Le Clair who was accused of “sexual assault causing bodily harm and robbery” (Fritchard, 2015) of transgender women who provided sex services. It happened July 31, 2013 in Winnipeg. 10 month before the violator was charged for aggressive sexual assaulting his girlfriend, but he was released on bail. However, in the Calgary case a judge has not issued a verdict yet. Therefore, defense lawyer said that this case should be considered as a first-time offence. The offender and the victim met in his house by prior agreement. But when the women ask to pay in advanced, he beat and raped her. Offender does not accept his guilt. In this article is addressed the problem of gender inequality, especially inequality in relation to the transgender people. However, all women are affected by male privilege, but for transgender women effect is doubled. While women are generally exposed to misogyny, transwomen, in addition, suffer from transphobia. Because of these two intersecting discrimination transwomen are exposed to sexual violence in an even greater degree than other women. Researchers say that approximately 50% of transgender people experience sexual assault at some point in their lifetime (48). In this news article the author takes a neutral position. He points out facts and opinions of all defendants in the case without

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