Sexual Assault At USC Summary

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Sexual assault is an issue on any college campus, but this issue is often generalized and not given very much attention. Nathaniel Haas hopes to break this generalization by focusing on the Greek System and their issues with sexual assaults. Haas’s article primarily focuses on the sexual economy of the Greek system at the University of Southern California and the result it has on the amount of sexual assaults that occur in this system. He introduces to the reader the idea that there is an economy based on sex in the Greek system where things like alcohol and parties, provided by fraternities, are exchanged for sex, which are supplied by sorority members (Haas). Nathaniel Hass, in his article “The Price of Sex at USC” attempts to inform the…show more content…
Nathaniel Haas proves this idea of a sexual economy between fraternities and sororities at USC and the negative results it has, through research and statistics. His strongest piece of evidence is the research presented by economist Sean Hernandez, a former fraternity member from USC. Hernandez’s research introduces the basis of this argument that there is “a system where fraternities pay for parties and… sex is expected” in return as payment (Haas). The reason why Hernandez’s research is convincing to the reader and as a result very helpful to Haas’s argument is because of who Hernandez is. He is not only an expert in the field of economics but his standing as a former fraternity member gives him a lot of credit in the eyes of the reader. This relationship Hernandez has with the Greek system makes reader more open to this argument because it makes him an expert in the Greek life at USC since he was a former member. His research also…show more content…
The research and statistics presented by Haas appeals to logic in the reader because it is logical to deduce that due to a sexual economy in the Greek System sexual assault is more prevalent in the system than outside of it. The research and statistics also build the author’s ethos resulting in the reader being more inclined to listen and believe what Haas has to say. Furthermore, the interviews in turn appeal to emotions because it presents a more human aspect to this issue. They also present an opposing view, which Haas quickly proves as false. This results in the audience believing Haas more and being skeptic to other opposing views because one was easily proved wrong with facts and logic. Nathaniel Haas usage of research, statistics, and interviews makes his argument stronger and brings to light the issue of the sexual economy in the Greek System at USC, which allows members of fraternities to commit sexual assault in a much easier and accepted way than in other societal
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