Sexual Assault Has Been The People V. Turner

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It would be wrong to say violence ends when you turn the television off or act as if injustice didn’t exist anymore, but if you reflect back on 2016 so far, one of the biggest topics that often dominates the news and blogosphere concerned the high frequency of assaults on college campuses around the country. In the place where many young adults begin to learn who they are and who they want to be while enjoying a comfortable freedom and safety among their peers discovered freedom and safety could not always be guaranteed.

One of the most discussed topics surrounded sexual assault has been the People v. Turner. Brock Turner was an undergraduate student at Stanford University in Northern California when he was apprehended by two Swedish international students who witnessed Turner sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

The students who stopped Turner from continuing to assault the young woman stated that they intervened because they could tell that the woman was clearly unconscious. Turner was then subsequently arrested, charged and indicted on two counts of felony assault and one count of attempted rape. However, it was the consequences that Turner faced for his actions which have upset many.

After a jury found Turner guilty of assault and attempted rape Judge Aaron Persky of the Santa Clara County Superior Court sentenced Turner to a meek six months confinement in the Santa Clara County jail followed by three months of probation. After serving three months in the Santa
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