Sexual Assault In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye

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Sexual assault is a sensitive subject when it comes to most people. No one can tell whether the person they come across has been sexually assaulted before. There are signs to indicate such events like withdrawing from normal activities, or feeling “down”, low self-esteem, anxiety or worry about situations that did not seem to cause anxiety in the past, avoiding specific situations or place, etc. Sexual assault is never an easy bridge to cross and the road to recovery is never an easy route. In the “Bluest Eye” written by Toni Morrison, it tells a story in the narrative of Claudia MacTeer. She tells the story of childhood memories about what happened to Pecola through season and the influential characters and events that shape Pecola's life. Pecola was an adolescent who felt her black beauty wasn’t enough and dreamed of having blue eyes. In the story, she was raped by her drunk father when she was eleven years old. She then had to give birth to her father’s baby which didn’t make it. It took Morrison many efforts to publish this book because of its controversial subjects. In an interview Morrison had in 2001 discussing “The Bluest Eye”and her other books, she told the interviewer “I had sent to I think 12 or 14 publishers before someone was interested enough to take it.” Not only was the book on incest but it was also on prostitution, racism, and child molestion. Sexual assault is the most dehumanizing and horrific experience a person can go through. Whether it be a woman

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